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Stepping Foot into Central Washington’s Top Hiking Trails

May 10, 2023

The beauty of nature doesn’t always make its way to us. We must go find it for ourselves! The hiking trails throughout the Central Washington region are staples in the history of Washington state and stand in firm competition for some of the best trails across the country. Endless adventures await you in the rough terrain, towering trees, and rocky mountains that surround our region. It’s in our nature to share some of the top hiking trails we have on our list so that our fellow hikers can easily find a trail that fits their lifestyle and experience.



Grab your packs and hit the road. The Hex Mountain Snowshoe trail is a trail that most people travel on during the colder seasons. While hiking this trail, you will experience steep summits and challenging climbs for a clear shot at a view of Mount Rainier, the Teanaway Range, and many other close peaks in the distance. The experience when trekking across these snow cascades is irreplaceable, and we hope that you discover this feeling for yourself. Pick a season that fits your experience, and give this wild trail a shot. You will learn to appreciate the journey while climbing it, and you are guaranteed to celebrate when you conquer it.



A furry friend is a hiker’s best friend. Why? They won’t ever ask you how much further there is to go! It seems only right to take your four legged friend to enjoy the low-impact, moderate, and dog-friendly terrain of the Umtanum Creek located in Ellensburg, Washington. This trail is amongst the Top Hiking Trails in Central Washington because of its versatility. Whether your goal is to enjoy the flora and fauna of Central Washington, or simply enjoy a slower-paced scenic hike, you will have a rewarding experience. Take a day to surround yourself with the vibrant colors of the wildflowers against the tall green grass and the sounds of the frequent flying songbirds. This trail leads you right into an oasis of vegetation and brings you along peaceful waters of the waterfall that cannot be missed! Plan your trip to visit the Umtanum Creek Trail today. Parking is easily accessible, and the trail is an easy 1.8 mile trip. Pack up your hydration necessities, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for bighorn sheep in the cliffs above during your hike!



What a better time to get out to enjoy nature with your family than now? Turn your days at home into adventurous days in the beautiful outdoors. You can find great trees much like these on a hike into the Kachess Ridge Trail #1315, located in the Snoqualmie Region. These trees landscaped throughout the trail makes this terrain one of the top hiking trails in the area. As you enjoy your hike, you will begin to notice that the trees become a close friend as you reach the peak of the trail at about an elevation of 4600ft. Carry your map of the trail with you, and take note of the boot paths that may be closed by the Forest Service. Be certain to continue on the official trail, and let these great trees of this steep forest reveal to you what home is to them! This trail chimes in at approximately 5.8 miles (RT).



Let nature put you back into perspective with this simple walk for the whole family. The Suncadia Trail gives you the option to make your trip your own and lets you decide how long your trip will be. As you trek along the more slower-paced trail, you will be able to take in the scenery of the nearby golf course, and will even get a glimpse at the Suncadia Resort. Whether you have decided to plan your stay at the resort or if you’re a local strolling through the trail, you are prone to have an enjoyable hike through the trees and creeks. Make sure to appreciate the fresh air & give the views a second to sink in!



Visit the more challenging trail of the Thorp Mountain to reach a lookout that makes the trek worth every minute between late Spring and late Fall to avoid snow. The character of this trail starts with a steep start, mellows out towards the middle, and then returns with a steep end. This is a great trail for those that are looking for a heart-rate busting hike! The trail is approximately 6.7 miles, but is greatly rewarded with a view looking onto rolling mountains and a unique wooden shack landmark to make all of your hard work worth it.


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