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In Central Washington, experiencing the outdoors is in our nature. We are committed to inspiring your love and appreciation for the natural world, but we also aim to help you protect and care for it, as well as stay safe as you explore it. We’re happy to help you discover your passion for the wilderness, learn how to navigate it safely, improve your on-trail experience, and lessen your impact on the places you love for adventurers of the present and future. This blog will teach you the importance of pack it in pack it out.

Pack It In Pack It Out

If you brought it with you, it’s trash. Food waste and garbage can harm wildlife and the environment. Even seemingly natural food waste, such as cores, peels, and pits, are considered trash and should always be taken with you. If in doubt, just pack it out!

Watch out for little pieces of trash such as gum wrappers, twist ties, and bottle caps as well. These items seem small, but they add up to a major problem for nature and wildlife. Avoid an accidental drop by placing your trash bag in a zippered pocket!


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