Central Washington


Bank Saloon Building

This building is thought to have been built after the fire. The back wall houses an over-sized safe, used by the saloon’s patrons to hold their spending cash. It has been rumored that ladies of the evening occupied the second floor of this establishment. The upstairs is now utilized as an apartment

Ben Snipes Bank

Built on this site in 1888, the Ben E. Snipes Bank was said to be the most attractive building in Ellensburg. In rebuilding after the fire, Snipes said the new structure needed to be equally impressive and more substantial. The new bank had two towers built with red cement and finely carved stonework.

BF Reed Building

Briggs F. Reed, a local dairyman, constructed this building for the Ellensburg Automobile Company. The structure was used as a sales garage for several years.

Boss Bakery

Frank Bossong built this structure directly following the great fire. F. Bossong and Co. opened the bakery’s doors in November, 1889. Remodeled in 1913, the bakery moved to the rear of the structure and finally upstairs. Several other businesses have since occupied all rooms of this building

Castle Building

Orin B. Castle constructed this building. Castle’s business, the Keghouse, opened in 1889 and sold wines, liquors, and cigars. In 1910, the outside of the building received a face-lift, getting a concrete/plaster covering. The building’s most memorable occupant was Mills Saddle and Togs, a western store.

Cle Elum Fish Hatchery

Begun in 1997 and sponsored by the Yakama Tribe the goal of the Cle Elum Supplementation and Research Facility is to boost the production of wild fish through supplementation techniques and to evaluate the program’s long-term success; and to educate people.

The Clymer is one remarkable place to visit! The Museum showcases artwork of one of the greatest local artists from the early 1900’s, John Clymer, and is a snap shot of life during that period. John Clymer, known for his historic and artistic contribution in documenting the American Frontier, was born in Ellensburg, Washington in 1907.