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Population: 42,522

Ellensburg is one of Washington State’s most centrally located cities.

Ellensburg is home to Central Washington University.

Home to the Ellensburg Rodeo, known as one of the best rodeos in North America.

Awarded a silver medal from the League of American Bicyclist for being a bike friendly community.

Founded: November 26, 1883

The city was originally named Ellensburgh, until the final name was dropped under standardization pressure from the United States Postal Service and Board of Geography Names in 1894.

Population Estimate: 18,774


Precipitation: 9 inches/yr

Ellensburg has an arid, four-season climate. It lies on the dry eastern edge of Washington’s Cascade Mountain Range at an elevation of 1,540 feet.

Guided Tours

For the true adventurer, Ellensburg offers many opportunities for guided tours throughout the area.


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Rill Adventures

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