Dunava in Ellensburg!

We’re coming to Ellensburg! Just to see if we have any fans east of the Cascades. This will be an informal, open-to-all concert of some of our “greatest hits” and some newer material. Suggested donations: $20.
About us:
Dunava, or Дунава — the Bulgarian name for the Danube River — is a vocal ensemble from Seattle dedicated to studying and presenting songs and vocal traditions from the Balkans and Eastern Europe with respect and authenticity.
Dunava’s repertoire spans a vast range of traditional styles — from spirited dance tunes to mournful ballads, featuring lush harmonies or strident dissonance. Some songs are hundreds of years old and have been passed on through oral tradition, while others are recent compositions celebrating folk tunes in the unique styles of specific regions. Some lyrics explore home, family, and love; some lament war, hardship, and loss. The expressive music speaks for itself and communicates with listeners all over the world regardless of age, native language, or national boundaries.


SUNDAY AT 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM