Cosmic Campout

Cosmic Camp Out has reached its 11 year mark .. Woah a decade and some change of great memories and an ever growing family of like minded people. Get ready to rally the troops for another eclectic bash in the woods as summer winds down. As always this is a FREE camp out and all DJs and Producers / Artist perform on a volunteer basis and all funds raised and gathered go to the event to help produce and break even and to not make money. We will take donations during the event and also remember to thank the performers and artists and your fellow campers because without you CCO Would be nothing! ❤️❤️
MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of Cosmic Camp Out is to bring all crews of all the regions of Washington state together in a gathering that fosters creativity and cohesion in music and art as well as a great opportunity to network! By leaving our egos at home and bringing our community spirit we can build something bigger and greater then we could ever do alone and this is what Cosmic Camp Out is all about!
ARTISTS: If you make or create any type of art we HIGHLY encourage you to bring out your toys and creations and show them off!
This is a PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT event… please be prepared to haul your own garbage out! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!
Also this is a rural camping event so you will be responsible to bring your own food,water, etc that you may need for camp out.
Again this is an outdoor rural event with no functioning bathrooms so please plan accordingly and bring a shovel or ask for one if you must use toilet paper and bury it! THIS IS A MUST.. we do NOT want to find toilet paper littered through out this beautiful forest /camp ground.
DO NOT BLOCK the road …we must KEEP one lane of traffic open for emergency vehicles/etc to drive through, DO NOT BLOCK THE ROAD…
ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS/ FIREWORKS/ DOGS/BAD ATTITUDES!!!! We ask out of respect for our renegade to please not renegade our renegade. It’s disrespectful and kinda a dick move. We aren’t trying to ride coat tails. we know we can’t stop it, but just know that this is the vibe.
QUESTIONS? Please reach out to the event planners..
LOCATION: East side of the Cascade Mountains Distances (miles) from Wenatchee 50 / Leavenworth 35 / Seattle 110 / Spokane 205


SEP 8 AT 2PM – SEP 10 AT 8AM