Vantage Tracking Workshop & Certification

Every time we step outside of our door, there are myriad stories to be told of the comings-and-goings of animals in the world, and one of the oldest human capacities is to read and interpret these stories. The art and science of tracking offers an ecological window into the happenings of the living world around us. Check out more about the CyberTracker South African Indigenous origins and Tracker Certification here.

Your instructor Marcus has had an affinity for the living world since childhood. He is a naturalist, educator, and photographer. He has worked in wilderness education, outdoor leadership, and conservation for numerous organizations and communities across North America. He is engaged in telling stories that bring to light and life, the complexity of humans living in the 21st century. Originally from Louisville, Marcus currently lives in the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State, just east of Seattle, where he is the Lead Instructor for an internationally renowned environmental leadership immersion program for adults at the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA.

Through this experience, you will grow a skillset in exploring the vast world of wildlife tracking. While we will certainly cover some of key fundamental themes, every tracking experience is unique, and we will go where the tracks take us. Topics that will likely be explored:

• Basic wildlife foot physiology and morphology
• The Natural History of Landscapes
• Clear print identification
• Concepts in behavior and wildlife sign interpretation
• How wildlife interacts with landscapes
• Thinking about how to age tracks and sign on the landscape Whether an experienced or beginning tracker and naturalist, participants will leave this experience looking at the ground in a completely different way with new tools to continue to develop themselves as naturalists

Whether beginner or advanced, every participant will walk away with a lot more knowledge and “search images” for the subtle patterns left behind by life on the landscape, ultimately feeling a stronger connection to the natural world.

This unique evaluation is 100% field-based and is sure to be engaging for all. This is a rigorous tracking experience designed to give honest reflection and feedback around each person’s unique skillset.


April 29th & 30th, 2023