LIVE Music: Nick Mardon & Audrey Collins Duo

March 29, 2024


March 30, 2024

🍻 **About Brick Saloon:**
Step into history at Washington’s oldest continuously operating bar, The Brick Saloon, in operation since 1889. This legendary saloon offers not only a rich heritage but also a vibrant atmosphere with brews, pub grub, and live music. Immerse yourself in cheery surroundings, savor happy hour food, cozy up by the fireplace, and sip on great cocktails.

🎤 **Nick Mardon & Audrey Collins:**
Where Country Charm Meets Rock & Roll Passion in the Heart of the Pacific Northwest! This dynamic duo blends the best of country, pop, and Rock & Roll genres for a musical experience like no other. Nick’s electrifying guitar skills and soulful vocals harmonize seamlessly with Audrey’s scintillating voice and heartfelt delivery. From foot-stomping country tunes to timeless pop classics and electrifying rock anthems, their performances are a celebration of music’s diverse spirit.




The Brick Saloon, 100 W Pennsylvania Ave, Roslyn, WA 98941