Be a Content Creating Partner for Kittitas County Tourism

Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce is the office in control of all marketing for Kittitas County Tourism. This is something we have done for over 25 years. We are both a resource to our local businesses, and we provide information for tourists to help plan their trips to Kittitas County.

We are seeking content creating partners to help us tell the great story of all the wonderful, unique fun things our visitors can experience while they stay with us. Matt Anderson, our Director of Business Development at the Chamber is leading this content creating project. We are looking for partners that will allow our content team to come to their business and experience it as a visiting tourist would, for the purpose of creating content for our website, social media and paid ads to invite guests to our communities.

As a partnering business you will receive the following:

  • Our local writer and content creator team will come to your business on an agreed upon time and date.
  • While onsite our content creating team will take photos and videos of their experience.
  • Your business will receive all photos and videos to use as for your own business promotion
  • Your business will be named in our articles written on the tourism websites
  • Links to your website will be within the article and on social media posts and ads
  • If you have an Instagram page we will collaborate with you so the post we make also posts on your page

What are we seeking from your business?

  • Our content writing team will need a host while onsite to share all the best things about your business. This host may or may not be part of the videos and photos. It will be up to the business if they do or do not wish to have the business representative featured in the video.
  • These videos are not intended to be scripted ads. The final product is supposed to appear as a genuine experience of a customer with your business. Our host will be either enjoying your services or shopping your product as if they’re a customer in the format of an influencer style and not commercial. These videos are in no way meant to look or sounds like scripted commercials.
  • If your business is a hotel, restaurant, brewery, winery, or coffee shop, or offers any consumable service, the expectation is you will provide the best your business has to offer. It’s important that what you choose to feature is something guests will want to travel to experience. We are looking for what makes your establishment unique. Consumable services; such as hotel stays, guided trips, dining experiences, and other experiences will be complimentary and provided by the venue/site.
  • If you sell products, please think of what is unique to your establishment and what makes your shop standout from other shops.  Those are the types of items that should be showcased. During the shopping experience, your host can show many things in the store and then determine which one the content creator will “buy.” The video showing the purchase will be for promotional use on our various digital channels. In exchange for the video creation, each venue with non-consumable goods will provide a $150 gift certificate to the content creator in exchange for the production of the video. 

HOW do you get started?

  • Tell us you want to partner with us by filling out the form below
  • Then start planning out your hosting feature with our content team. We want to show all the best features of your business to our future guests.
  • AS an FYI our content creators will be doing their work on weekends or after 5pm on weekdays. We will work with you to set the best date and time for your business around their available hours.