5 Central Washington Bridges That Can't Be Missed

5 Central Washington Bridges That Can't Be Missed

Bridges are magnificent structures that are not only unique in their looks, but also carry an important purpose. There are many bridges in Central Washington, ranging from pedestrian bridges to interstate bridges, to suspension bridges and so forth. Explore a few of the noteworthy bridges that can be admired on a scenic drive through Central Washington below.

Umtanum Creek Bridge

Being nearly 100 years old, the Umtanum Creek Bridge is a historic landmark. This suspension bridge hangs over the Yakima River and provides some beautiful views of the river and its surroundings. During the fall, the colors around the Umtanum Creek Bridge fade into autumn vibes, while the mountains start to gather snow on top too! Hiking is fantastic around the bridge and the most popular trail is the Umtanum Creek Ridge hike.

Cabin Creek Bridge (Milwaukee Road)

The Cabin Creek Bridge is a closed-spandrel arch bridge that goes over Cabin Creek.This bridge is on the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail, so it is only open to pedestrians. The Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail runs through the entire state! This means your walk across this bridge will be peaceful and the views will be plentiful. Biking is also a favorite while roaming around Cabin Creek Bridge.

Vantage Bridge

The Vantage Bridge, located near Vantage and George, Washington, serves the purpose of carrying I-90 over the Columbia River. The section of the river that it is located on is named Wanapum Lake as it is the reservoir formed by Wanapum Dam. This bridge is actually the second one built there since the first one, which was built in 1927, was not sturdy enough to support the reservoir water. If you are headed to the Seattle area from Eastern or Central Washington, you are bound to cross this bridge. This bridge is also visible from the Wanapum Recreation Area, Wild Horse Monument, and from the Scenic Overlook of the Columbia River. Another key element of the bridge is if you happen to be either driving over it, or situated at one of the previously mentioned areas during sunset hour, the view is absolutely gorgeous with the sun grazing the slopes and everything being illuminated in the golden hour glow.

Yakima River Bridge #4

Built in 1905, the Yakima River Bridge #4 is quite the historic gem. It is a Pratt Through Truss bridge that goes over the Yakima River on the BNSF Railway. This bridge is open to traffic, so you'll have to take in the views from your car.

Yakima River Bridge #5 (Milwaukee Road)

The Yakima River Bridge #5 on Milwaukee Road was built in 1903. This Through Truss bridge crosses over the Yakima River on the BNSF Railway and you can see trains go across this bridge. The bridge was redesigned in 1942 and that design is still in use today.

All in all, though these are just several of the bridges that are present in Central Washington, there are a variety with different architectural designs and with varying purposes that can act as points of interest. We encourage you to go out and explore the extraordinary bridges of Central Washington!

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