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Welcome to Central Washington, where outdoor adventure awaits at every turn. No matter your passion, our picturesque region offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration. From the majestic peaks to tranquil waters, Central Washington boasts over 2,300 square miles of natural wonder waiting to be discovered. Find your next adventure below!

There are a variety of agricultural buildings in Kittitas county, including hundreds of historic barns suited for family fun. The oldest barn on the barn quilt trail is the Dominion Barn, which is currently being utilized as a gorgeous garden shop, perfect for gardening and plant enthusiasts!

One Hundred beautiful quilt blocks have been installed throughout the county!
100 and still counting!

Central Washington's

Barn Quilt Trail

Kittitas County, Washington is located in a long and wide fertile valley bordered by the Cascade Mountains to the West, arid shrub steppe hills to the East and South and the Stuart Mountain Range to the North. A long sunny growing season, makes it a truly beautiful and productive place to work and live as evidenced by the abundant ranches and farms that divide up our valley like a patchwork quilt.

There are several hundred historic, just old, and working barns in Kittitas County and many more other agricultural buildings. We are preparing to paint our first barn quilt for a well-known (and yet to be disclosed!) barn.

Photos and the history of every barn, the significance of the quilt blocks and the sponsor of the Barn Quilts will be included on this page as we complete them. Interesting stories of the builders, homesteading families and farms and ranches will be collected and included.

This is a composite photo of a Barn Quilt on one of our old barns against a background of the beautiful Stuart Mountains in Central Washington State. Yes, we really do have beautiful wild flowers blooming in the spring in Kittitas County!

History of the Barn Quilt Movement

Barn Quilts were first created in 2001 in Adams County, Ohio. Donna Sue Groves wanted to honor her mother, a celebrated quilter in the area, with a long promised quilt block painted on her barn. With the help of friends and volunteers, the Barn Quilt blocks spread to 20 the following year. That small art project planted the seeds for a continental movement. At last count there are now 42 states with over 4000 Barn Quilts!

How Are Barn Quilts Chosen?

  • Well-traveled, usually paved road
  • Easily visible from roadway
  • Barn in reasonable condition
  • Vicinity of barn is tidy
  • Barn host willing to sign Barn Host agreement for installation and maintenance.
  • Barn owner not upset by visitors slowing or photographing Barn Quilt from roadway.

Anyone can install a painted quilt block anywhere without the BQKC organization. This criteria does not prevent them from doing so on their own.


Anyone can paint and create a barn quilt, including you!
If you are interested in purchasing a custom painted Barn Quilt, email Matt at matt@kittitascountychamber.com.


Our Barn Quilts are installed by:

  • Curtis Bull- Ellensburg, Wa.
  • Tommy Willmart T & T Electric
  • Aaron Wilson T & T Electric
  • Nolan Weis- Inland Internet
  • Jared Weis- Inland Internet
  • Barn Quilt Volunteers on ladders & scaffolding!