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A Guide to Central Washington Breweries

October 15, 2023

It is no surprise that Central Washington boasts a plethora of outdoor adventures, but you can also count on the option of several amazing, quality breweries to choose from here as well. We have put together a list of great options to make choosing one, or more, easier for you!

Photo courtesy of Mule & Elk Brewing Co.


Mule & Elk Brewery is conveniently nestled at the heart of the Cascades, and is Cle Elum’s first nano-brewery. It was established in 2016, and was created out of the desire to try something new and different in order to test one’s limits. Mule and Elk is a place to wind down after embarking on one of the many available adventures in our area. They focus on not only creating outstanding beer, but also on supporting the community and enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. To liven things up even more, the brewery has a Pub Quiz trivia night every Thursday, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. During these events, dogs and children are welcome to come, and it is free to play. There are eight rounds of trivia, and prizes are awarded to the winning team! Their beer selection ranges from English ales to west coast-style IPAs. You can also find their beer at establishments like Basecamp Books & Bites in Roslyn, Mike’s Tavern in Cle Elum, and Wing Central in Ellensburg, to name a few.

Photo courtesy of Taneum Creek Brewing


A unique feature of choosing Taneum Creek Brewing is that you can get their beer shipped right to your door anywhere in Washington state. Previously operating a taproom in Cle Elum, Taneum Creek has shifted their focus exclusively to creation. They now produce beer that contains 100% Eastern Washington ingredients! To accomplish this, Taneum switched their grain providers to be LINC Malt, which means that they know exactly where each grain was grown; they plan to switch all primary sources of hops to be those of which the local community grows, and they dry on-site at the brewery. All of their yeast will be either in the form of a native mixed culture, or isolated strain that they themselves harvest; and all other ingredients that will be needed (such as fruits, spices, flowers, etc.) will also be sourced locally when possible. Although Taneum Creek Brewing no longer has its own taproom, you can taste this local beer by purchasing directly through their website or at other local establishments.

Gabe, the brewer and founder of Taneum Creek Brewing, took over as the brewer at Mule & Elk Brewing in 2021, but though he brews for both companies, the two remain separate entities.

Photo courtesy of Dru Bru


Dru Bru embodies the mountain lifestyle as they were born from it. Their beer is mountain made for those working in the mountains, living in the mountains, and playing in the mountains; that’s what makes their brews special and instills the easily delicious characteristics of each beer. Dru Bru offers a year-round selection, along with limited-release and seasonal beers, so no matter when you go, or how often you go, you are bound to be able to experience new beers during your visit. They also have an extensive selection of to-go six-packs, bottles, and growlers.

The Snoqualmie Pass location offers an all-ages taproom with an adjoining 15 barrel brewhouse, which is conveniently open all year round, seven days a week. In addition to this, the taproom and the heated, outdoor patio offer stunning views of the Snoqualmie Mountains and Guye Peak. The newer Cle Elum location is tucked away off the main road, has plenty of parking and offers 360 views of the lush central Cascades. Both locations are family-friendly and children can indulge in house-made root beer and free carbonated mountain water. Dogs are also welcome in their outdoor beer gardens and patios, however, not inside their taprooms. The Cle Elum location has a food truck on site serving fries and hot dogs, but a special feature is that they also welcome outside food!


Since 1990, the Roslyn Brewing Company has been brewing hand-crafted and full-flavored beers, beloved by locals. Their beers are reminiscent of the beer that was brewed by immigrant miners in the hometown of Roslyn, and as such they have a unique story behind them. The brewery takes pride in their selection of ingredients, since they use Northwest-grown malted barley, hops from the Yakima Valley, and ice-cold snow-fed water from the Cascades. The company also has a rich history as it was operating at the turn of the century when German brewers brewed lagers, similar to what they had in Germany, and delivered the lagers in wooden barrels by horse and wagon to local saloons. In those times, beer was sold for a nickel a bucket to miners, and there are even current residents of Roslyn who still remember their fathers drinking that beer.

In 1913, Roslyn Brewing Company had to close for a period of time due to Prohibition, but were able to reopen in 1990 where they made sure to continue the tradition of brewing fine beers using old-world tradition. Currently, the taproom is open year-round from Friday to Sunday and sometimes even on a Monday if there is a major holiday weekend. Their beer garden is always open, based on the weather conditions. The brewery does not provide food at their taproom, but you are welcome to bring in outside food and there are many delicious nearby eateries to indulge from.


Whipsaw Brewery had its grand opening on February 12th, 2016, and it got its name around town by debuting in the anticipated, yearly Ellensburg Winterhop Brewfest in January of 2016. Their business took off amazingly, having hit their 5-year goal in year three. Whipsaw is a family-owned business by Charlie and Debbie Tierney, and the taproom has an inviting aesthetic reflecting Charlie’s logging background. And though Charlie was a logger for many years, he always dreamed of opening a brewery since he got a Mr. Beer kit back in 1996. He loved the brewing process and was quite talented at it, so he decided to pursue the avenue professionally with the help of his family. Their taproom started with only four tap handles, but they now have thirteen and a full production facility. Whipsaw Brewing is founded and run on the belief that good beer stems from great people.


Iron Horse Brewery is a spunky and charismatic brewery that is never timid when it comes to crafting the most unique and authentic tasting Irish and Indie-made beers. Famous all over the state for its Irish Death brew, Iron Horse is an Ellensburg staple. The brewery opened in 2004, and has since been driven by innovation, authenticity, and taking on risks. They truly believe that the individual is the most powerful influence on their ability to deliver locally made, exquisite beer. Previously operating a taproom in downtown Ellensburg, the well-known brewery still offers its beer online, in local establishments, and all around the United States. With big plans for the future and sit-down location, there is much to raise a pint of Irish Death to!

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